One Stop Resource for Trans/Gender Queer in Las Vegas, NV

TG Male to Female

TG Male to Female

Hello! This page is for resources for those who may consider themselves TransFemale, M2F, Male-to-Female, Questioning, Cross-Dressing, etc.  This is not to be meant as an all encompassing list, however, there are a few good resources here in Las Vegas, NV for you.

Dressing En Femme Guide -
This is an older resource, but I felt it had lots of merit, and I didn't want to re-type everything here. I think it is a good start!

Just You - Glamour Boutique -
We're a transgender (GLBT, TG) friendly, male to female transformation and crossdressing service.

A Harmony Nail Spa - 
953 E Sahara Ave. Suite E-11A, Las Vegas 89104. (702) 792-6245 For those who do not know about us, we are a relaxing salon specializing in transformations, where you can be yourself! Many Diva Attendees enjoy gathering and socializing at our spa anytime. We have a beautiful gift shop with hundreds of great products and we provide salon and spa services: Hair, Nails, Make-up, Waxing, full body massage, wig cleaning and styling.

Diva Las Vegas -
Diva Las Vegas is an annual social event for the members of the transgender community, including partners, friends, and guests. As the name implies, this event happens in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Tri-Ess Las Vegas Chapter -
Theta Upsilon Gamma (T.U.G.) is a chapter of Tri-Ess International, a non-profit voluntary support and social organization for heterosexual cross-dressers and their families. We are each individually unique with respect to our: age, race, work, skills, experience, family, etc.

Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence --
The Sin Sity Sisters are based on the seven deadly sins and promote freedom of expression, diversity, social activism, social service and spiritual development. They can be seen (and aren’t easy to miss) helping raising funds at nearly every LGBT charitable event in Vegas.

Laura's Playground -
A Transgender Umbrella Resource Community Online

GenderEvolve -
GenderEvolve, The Foundation for Evolutionary Gender Transformation.  We support the transgender community by providing an internet portal linking  the best websites catering to crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals and all transgendered people.  Our focus is primarily male-to-female transwomen, although much of the content on this site also applies to female-to-male transmen as well.